Other Services & Information

Property Surveys

Our office does not have any property surveys on file. All surveys should be given to the homeowner at the time of purchase. If you do not have a copy of your survey, you can call a company to have them create one (we can not give referrals for contractors/surveyors/etc.).


The Borough of Bellmawr maintains regulations regarding the size and placement of signs within the Borough. Whether the sign is temporary or permanent, an application must be submitted. A diagram of the sign must be included with the permit application as well as the Zoning/Land Use form.

Information for New Businesses

Please visit our Starting or Moving a Business page.

Relevant documents include:

Vacant Properties

All vacant properties must be registered by Ordinance of the Borough of Bellmawr.

To obtain any fees due, please contact us providing the address.

If a home has any vacant charges, they must be paid prior to issuance of certificate of occupancy. If a home is purchased with cash, a certificate of occupancy is still required. Any fees that are open and due for a home, will stay linked to the address so without obtaining a co, the fees will fall responsible to new owner if not address prior to settlement.