Residential Rental Properties

As per Ordinance in the Borough of Bellmawr, all residential rental properties are required to be issued a Rental Certificate of Occupancy (CO) and inspected annually.

The Borough of Bellmawr has partnered with GovPilot to provide for On-Line registration for all Rental Properties. CLICK HERE To begin registering your property. Any questions should be directed to our Construction Office at 856-933-1286.

  • $100, and inspection is required for every new tenant, even if the inspector was there previously.
  • Annual Rental CO bills go out the beginning of April. Failure to pay before due date on invoice will result in a $50 late fee that can't be removed and a court summons. After payment is received an inspection must be scheduled. Our office is not responsible to call to set up inspections; this is the duty of the landlord. Failure to schedule annual inspections will result in a court summons (even if invoice has been paid).
  • If the home is no longer a Rental property, you must complete the form Stating the Property is Not a Rental (PDF).

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