Construction Permits

All Construction/Zoning permits must be obtained for new construction, additions, and certain alterations. Some examples are but are not limited to: heaters, solar, signs, decks, steps, receptacles, pools, sheds, concrete, fences, etc.

  • Permit applications may be obtained from the Construction Office or our Documents and Forms page
  • No work can begin or be completed until the permit is paid in full and every permit requires an inspection(s)
  • Permit Fee Schedule

Permit Requirements

  1. Jacket
  2. Construction Permit F170 must be carbon; copies not accepted (view F170 Form Explanation [PDF])
  3. Tech sheets: Submit carbon if available; if not please submit one copy of each.
  4. If plans are required, only two sets are required (one you will receive back once permit has been issued)

5:23-2.16 Construction Permits Procedure

"The payment of appropriate fees" 5:23-2.14(a) Failure to obtain Construction Permits Please be aware that there can be violations/fines if any address has had work completed without the proper permits and approvals. Even if there is a permit in the office awaiting the payment, you are still guilty of work without a permit. When submitting building plans/drawings, two sets are required. Once permit is issued, the contractor/homeowner will receive the field copy that must be kept on site for all inspections.

Any "emergency" permits must be received by our office within 72 hours as well as providing the office with notice.