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Trash Collection & Street Issues

  • 856-931-1111

After Hours

  • 856-931-2120

General Info.

  • No refuse should be placed for collection on sidewalk prior to 6pm of the day immediately preceding the day of collection, and no later than 6am the day of collection.

Regular Trash Pick-Up

  • Route 1 (Brooklawn border to Rt. 42): Friday
  • Route 2 (Rt. 42 to Barrington border):  Thursday

Includes garbage, plus wood tables, chairs and other wood products.

Single Stream Recycling

  • Monday
  • Utilize a container no larger than 32 gallons.  Please do not use plastic bags.

Items included are. . . .

      • Aluminum food and beverage containers
      • Glass food and beverage containers (Flint <clear>, Amber <brown>, and Emerals <green>)
      • Ferrous cans (soup cans, coffee cans, etc.)
      • P.E.T. plastic containers with the symbol #1  (no microwave trays)
      • H.D.P.E. natural plastic containers with the symbol #2 (milk jugs, water jugs, etc.)
      • H.D.P.E. pigmented plastic containers with the symbol #2  (detergent, shampoo, bleach bottles without caps)
      • Old newspaper
      • Paper bags (supermarket bags <not plastic>)
      • Corrugated containers (no wax coating)
      • Magazines (coated magazines, catalogs and similar printed materials, junk mail, and soft covered books)

Please call 931-1111 for additional recycling information, including schedule changes.

Vegetative Waste

  • Wednesday
  • Utilize a container for loose waste.  No plastic bags.

Items included are. . . .

    • Tree  branches (tied & bundled, not to weight more than 40 lbs, no longer than 5′; 6 bundle limit per pick-up)
    • Grass Clippings
    • Leaves
    • Shrubs (under 5′)

Metal / Electronics

  • Call Highway Dept. at 931-1111 to schedule pick-up.

Items include old metal, TVs, computers, etc.


  • Call Highway Dept. at 931-1111 to schedule pick-up.

Pick-up days are limited to the 5th Wednesday of the month (in the months with 5 weeks in them).  No mixed loads, concrete only.  Cannot exceed more than 1 cubic yard.

Snow Emergency Routes:
snow emergency routes

Hazardous Waste

  • For information on collections, call 856-858-5241. 

This program is sponsored by the Camden County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

Items included are. . . .

    • Gasoline
    • Kerosene
    • Automotive & lawn care products
    • Oil based paints & stains
    • Batteries
    • Pesticides / Insecticides


  • The Borough of Bellmawr practices a door hanger notice of violation which pertains to solid waste Ordinance 3:06-09 in an efforts to promote communication between the Borough and homeowner.