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Construction/Code Enforcement


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Related Phone Numbers:

  • Call before you dig: 1-800-3272-1000
  • Dumpster Information: 856-931-2121 (if placing dumpster in your own driveway, no action is required. If you’re placing it in the street, please call # above)
  • All Things Wild: “Wildlife Removal”: 856-723-2344
  • High grass/weeds/trees/rodents/property maintenance; etc:  856-931-1111

Property Surveys:

Our office does NOT have any property surveys on file.
All surveys should be given to the homeowner at the time of purchase.
If you do not have a copy of your survey, one can call a company to have them create one.

Construction Permits:


Chapter 85 Construction– Fee schedule included

  • All Construction/Zoning permits must be obtained for new construction, additions, and certain alterations (some examples are but are not limited to: heaters, roofs, siding, solar, signs, decks, steps, alarm systems, receptacles, pools, sheds, concrete, fences, etc.)
  • Permit applications may be obtained from the Construction Office or the forms listed below.
  • No work can begin or be completed until the permit is paid in full and every permit requires inspection(s).

5:23-2.16 Construction Permits- Procedure  “The payment of appropriate fees”

5:23-2.14(a) Failure to obtain Construction Permits

  • Please be aware that there can be violations/fines if any address has had work completed without the proper permits and approvals. Even if there is a permit in the office awaiting the payment, you are still guilty of work without a permit.
  • When submitting building plans/drawings, TWO SETS are required. Once permit is issued, the contractor/homeowner will receive the field copy that must be kept on site for all inspections.
  • Inspection descriptions
    (this is a brief description for what specific forms and inspections are required for certain (but not all) work that may be helpful for homeowners/contractors.)
  •  Any “emergency” heaters: permit must be in our office before work starts and MUST be paid for within 72 hours.



N.J.A.C. 13:45a – 16.2(a)10.ii

  • Construction permits must be inspected in accordance with the State Uniform Construction Code Regulations N.J.A.C. 5:23-2.18
  • The owner or other responsible person in charge of work must notify our office when work is ready for any required inspections.
  • Requests for inspections must be made at least 24 hours prior to the time the inspection is desired. (no inspections can be scheduled via voicemail)

Required inspections for all subcodes for one and two family dwellings are the following:

The bottom of footing trenches before placement of footings, except that in the case of pile foundations, inspections shall be made in accordance with the requirements of the building subcode;

  1. Foundations and all walls up to grade level prior to back filling
  2. All structural framing and connections prior to covering with finish of infill material; plumbing underground services, rough piping, water service, sewer, septic services and storm drains; electrical rough wiring, panels and service installations; insulation installations
  3. Installation of all finished materials, sealings of exterior joints; plumbing piping, trim and fixtures; electrical wiring, devices and fixtures; mechanical systems equipment

Required special inspections

  • The applicant by accepting the permit will be deemed to have consented to these requirements
  • A final inspection is required for each applicable subcode area before a final Certificate of Occupancy or Approval may be issued
  • Any violations of the approved plans and/or permit will be noted and the holder of the permit notified of discrepancies
  • A complete copy of approved plans must be kept on the job site (stamped field copy)

Payment Information:

  • All checks can be made payable to “Borough of Bellmawr”
  • No Credit Cards Accepted or online payments.
  • Cash payments must be EXACT!
  • If mailing in any payment, please address to “Attn: Construction”
  • If there is an invoice number, (which is located on top right corner in a box stating “invoice no.” Please note the invoice number on the check.
  • If payment is for a permit, please note address on the check.

Residential Rental Properties:

  • As per Ordinance in the Borough of Bellmawr, all residential rental properties are required to be issued a Rental CO & inspected annually.  *See chapter 344 rental properties
  • landlord statement
    Must be completed at initial CO application. The Bellmawr Tenant Information must be updated every time a new tenant moves in. (Print that form and complete with tenant’s information for every new tenant)
  • $100, & inspection is required for EVERY new tenant; Even if the inspector was there previously.
  • Annual Rental CO bills go out the beginning of April. Failure to pay before due date on invoice WILL result in a $50 late fee that CAN’T be removed & a court summons. After payment is received an inspection MUST be called in. (Conducted on Tuesdays & Thursdays AM at a set time frame:  PICK ONE: 7-8, 8-9, 9-10, 10-11 AM only.)
  • Inspections must be called in by either the tenant or landlord.
    Our office is not responsible to call to set up inspections.
    (even if invoice has been paid.)

Certificate Of Occupancy’s

  • Must be obtained PRIOR to settlement.
  • Inspections are conducted Tuesdays & Thursdays AM at a set timeframe (7-8, 8-9, 9-10 or 10-11 AM only) after application and payment is received.
    After inspection passes, the CO will be available for pickup outside the construction office door labeled by the address so whoever is picking it up does not need to see/speak to anyone specifically since it’ll be on the door for convenience. (Borough doors are open 8 AM to 4PM)

    (Application forms are below for residential ($100) & business ($125) as well as an inspection checklist)
  • residential-co-application  (for a resale or Change of Ownership Only!)
    Change of Ownership can be issued once paid for settlement, but NO ONE CAN RESIDE IN PROPERTY UNTIL A FULL INSPECTION IS CONDUCTED, PASSED AND A FULL CO IS ISSUED!
  • Business Certificate of Occupancy
  • Home C.O. Inspection Checklist – THIS IS WHAT WE INSPECT FOR ALL CO’S/RENTALS.
  • Landlord Identity Statement
  • Bellmawr Tenant Information (This page is required for every tenant change)


  • The Borough of Bellmawr maintains regulations regarding the size and placement of signs within the Borough.  Whether the sign is temporary or permanent, an application must be submitted.  A diagram of the sign must be included with the permit application as well as the Zoning/Land Use form.

Vacant Properties:

Uniform Construction Permit Forms:

ucc   If you do not have a permit jacket, the first two forms below are the jacket.
We will staple them to a permit folder.

If using the forms below, only ONE copy is required.
Once the subcode’s approve and the permit is issued, the proper copies will be made.